Omni Paradigms was born from the collaborative vision of Ivan and Alexander. Their passion for cinematography and photography led them to embark on this journey. Their artistic interests ignited during their post-high school days, and from that point on, they embarked on a global voyage to capture extraordinary couples and enchanting tales of love. Their explorations have spanned continents, embracing weddings of diverse cultures, including Chinese, Indian, Persian, and beyond. With each fresh undertaking, Omni Paradigms remains committed to raising the bar, consistently crafting top-tier films that epitomize perfection down to the smallest detail.

luxury destination photographer and cinematographer worldwide omni paradigms


While being an automotive technician for 5 years, Ivan's path took an unexpected turn the moment he grasped a camera. A newfound passion ignited within him, leading him to a different career trajectory. Through inventive lighting methods and distinctive compositions, he adeptly captures unfiltered sentiments. In addition to his prowess in filmmaking. His ultimate objective is to infuse every subject he focuses on with a distinctive artistic essence.

luxury destination photographer and cinematographer worldwide omni paradigms


With an engineering background, Alexander chose to follow his passion for the arts; photography and cinematography. A passion for both photography and cinematography allowed him to creatively encapsulate various aspects of life’s essence. Having an imaginative approach to composition and merriments, he is keen on ensuring a moment remains authentic before & after it has been documented. His objective is to preserve authenticity to every idea or subject with his peculiar aesthetic.